About PlayerLync

PlayerLync solves the enterprise content distribution and control problem by automatically pushing and pulling videos and documents directly to mobile devices anywhere over existing networks, and allows teams to share experiences in amazing new ways.

On average per month, a PlayerLync customer transfers 40,000 Gb of content – or 100,000 files – and saves 4,000 hours of download time via its proprietary sleep mode synchronization.

PlayerLync powers mobile content control and teamwork for leading enterprises such as Chipotle, Bridgestone, and Comcast, and teams across the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and NCAA that need to keep their distributed mobile teams current and consistent.



Management TEAM

bob paulsen playerlync

Bob Paulsen

Co-Founder & CEO

Bob leads the PlayerLync team as President and CEO. He manages and oversees all aspects of the business. Most recently, Bob was Chief Operating Officer and Board Observer at Telesphere Networks, one of the largest privately held cloud communications companies in North America. He was responsible for all strategic and tactical initiatives within Operations, including […]

greg menard playerlync

Greg Menard

Co-Founder & CTO

Greg drives the vision and product development of PlayerLync. With his technical expertise spanning an incredible range, Greg has the ability to bring concepts to life in a meaningful way. His personal touch and past successes guide prioritization of the teams efforts based on customer input, proven strategies, and also unique intuition. Greg has worked […]

Robert Smith PlayerLync

Robert Smith

Co-Founder & CIO

Robert takes system scalability to another level. His deep understanding of the vast technology landscape makes him the ideal CIO, overseeing the concept to production development efforts at PlayerLync. With over 20 years of telecommunications and data networking experience, Robert’s network engineering and coding expertise is respected by multiple industry experts and patent holders. Robert […]

What our Customers Have to Say

It really boils down to efficiencies and manpower. The things that used to take us 20, 30, 40 hours now maybe take us 2 or 3 or 4 minutes. We can deploy those savings to other issues, whether they be other research projects or just other utilization of our manpower.

Neil Massey
Executive Director, Starz Entertainment

Trusted by WORLD-CLASS Brands

Our customers know consistent performance is the backbone of the best brands. They rely on PlayerLync to improve collaboration and drive reputation and revenue. A few of our happy customers include:

Chipotle Mexican Grill


Denver Broncos

Professional Football

Tampa Bay Rays

Professional Baseball

Stanford University

College Football

Starz Entertainment

Media and Entertainment

Green Bay Packers

Professional Football

Colorado Rockies

Professional Baseball

University of Illinois

College Basketball

Steele Street Bank

Financial Services

Atlanta Falcons

Professional Football

Arizona Diamondbacks

Professional Baseball

Vancouver Canucks

Professional Hockey