What our Customers Have to Say

PlayerLync is unbelievably easy to use from the employee side and from the back-end administration side. Employees understand, without any training whatsoever, how to use the app. Which is amazing. We don’t have to create training about training!

Sam Worobec
Training Development Manager, Chipotle Mexican Grill

It really boils down to efficiencies and manpower. The things that used to take us 20, 30, 40 hours now maybe take us 2 or 3 or 4 minutes. We can deploy those savings to other issues, whether they be other research projects or just other utilization of our manpower.

Neal Massey
Vice President, Business & Consumer Insights, Starz Entertainment

It’s a huge comfort for the video director and the video staff to know that when we come in off of a practice field all of practice is going be at their (the players) iPad right when they walk in from the field, they’re going have everything.  It’s awesome.

Steve Boxer
Video Director, Denver Broncos