PlayerLync Launches Enterprise Video and Document Delivery Platform for Tablet Collaboration

Chipotle Mexican Grill and Starz Are Among Flagship Customers Using PlayerLync for Training, Operations, Corporate Communications, Sales Support and More

DENVER, September 15, 2014 – PlayerLync announced today the launch of the first tablet-based automatic video and document content delivery, control and collaboration platform for enterprise workgroups.

The new PlayerLync Enterprise Edition eliminates countless hours wasted waiting for video streaming and download by automatically delivering content to sleeping tablets for instant native offline access.

The PlayerLync platform was originally developed for professional sports teams to rapidly share and collaborate on complex playbooks and high-quality game video without the need for an ongoing Internet connection.

PlayerLync Enterprise Edition is now available to support teams in training, operations and corporate communications across a variety of industries including restaurant, retail, construction, financial services, media and entertainment, healthcare and­­­­ ­­­anywhere video and other content needs to be shared across widespread workforces for collaboration.

“One of the challenges businesses face with enterprise collaboration is ensuring that team members have the latest information,” said Michael Moon, Research Director of Aberdeen Group. “The market is ready for a collaboration technology that automates distribution of materials and video content to make sure corporate teams have the most current materials for training, communications and other collaborative needs.”

A New Way to Time Shift Collaboration

PlayerLync Enterprise Edition is a new approach to collaboration that eliminates the need for real-time streaming and high-speed connections.

“Video excels as a medium for capturing existing business communications and making it more widely accessible throughout and organization,” said Steve Vonder Haar, senior analyst, enterprise webcasting & streaming for Wainhouse Research. “But video can do more in the enterprise. Technology platforms that make it possible to overlay or annotate on-demand video content open the door to weaving video more extensively into day-to-day business activities.”

PlayerLync Enterprise offers features such as:                                                              

  • Automatic “Sleep Mode Synchronization”: Patent-pending “sleep mode synchronization” technology automatically delivers videos and documents directly to sleeping tablets for native offline access. The system saves enterprise countless hours currently being squandered by employees who are searching for, streaming or downloading content.
  • Time-Shifted Collaboration: Designed as a secure, efficient, self-contained system, PlayerLync allows people to share thoughts and experiences via video based tools with integrated messaging and simple links to pertinent documents and images, allowing groups to review valuable multimedia content, including others comments, on their own time.
  • “Native Offline Access” Eliminates End User Streaming, Buffering and Downloading: All content delivered through PlayerLync is stored on the tablet for convenient access anywhere, anytime. Automatic “shrink and sync” compression allows teams to fit 30 times more content/data on a tablet. For example, PlayerLync can compress and deliver nine hours of high-definition video in just 17 minutes without loss of resolution or quality, while eliminating bandwidth strain or the need for streaming and buffering.
  • Share Best Practices or Support Needs from the Field: Employees anywhere can capture video, photos and content on their tablet from the field and share them with questions, ideas and comments.
  • Easy Content Control: Using a simple drag-and-drop interface managers or trainers can push and pull updates to tablets based on preset roles.
  • A 5-Minute Learning Curve: PlayerLync was designed for rapid-paced, high-turnover environments and its ease of use speeds adoption, promotes ongoing team engagement and improves retention.
  • Enterprise Security: PlayerLync eliminates insecure file storage and sharing. The platform is centrally managed and uses 256-bit encryption security, the same encryption used by banks to safeguard financial data. The central platform also lets administrators remotely wipe a tablet’s content with a single click.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Administrators can access statistics about individual use, tracking who is accessing content and gaining a better understanding of what content is effective.

Early Adopters Praise PlayerLync

Starz, Chipotle Mexican Grill and other early adopters have customized PlayerLync for their unique business needs and are already testifying to its unique value:

“The things that used to take us 20, 30, 40 hours now maybe take us two or three or four minutes,” said Neal Massey, Vice President Business and Consumer Insights of Starz. “We can deploy those savings to other needs, whether to other projects or just other use of our manpower.”

“The ability of PlayerLync to take our very large videos and eLearning files and compress them gives us the ability for true on-demand training that’s beautiful and looks amazing and modern,” said Sam Worobec, Training Manager, New Brands/International, at Chipotle Mexican Grill. “Using PlayerLync means no more huge three-ring binders; no hunkering in the back office to watch and wait for streaming videos for employee training. We can get all 45,000 employees across the globe up to speed and on the job faster with higher quality results in a more engaging manner.  And that translates not only to better employees but happier customers.” (To hear Worobec’s thoughts on how PlayerLync benefits Chipotle, see the video testimonial on the PlayerLync website.)

“Speed counts on the football field and in business,” said PlayerLync CEO Bob Paulsen. “In today’s competitive environment, enterprise can’t waste time while important video or other content is caught in the buffer zone.  PlayerLync frees business from being tethered to broadband. We now provide enterprises the chance to win using the same technology that professional sports teams use to deliver and collaborate on video and documents anywhere.

About PlayerLync

PlayerLync has developed the only automatic content delivery and control platform for tablets that enables timely, contextual collaboration. Rather than relying on individual team members to locate and download the latest videos and documents, PlayerLync allows organizations to push and pull high-quality video, documents and content over any network directly to live locally on team tablets. Training Talent With Tablets is available as a free download at

Designed for professional sports teams, PlayerLync is ideal for any enterprise team that needs a secure, scalable, easy-to-use platform to power training and development, operations and corporate communications – any application where data needs to be synchronized and easily accessible from a mobile device.

PlayerLync builds winning teams for restaurants, retailers, healthcare providers, utility companies, financial service firms, construction companies – any organization that needs to share information with a mobile workforce. And content can be immediately shared over any connection, regardless of bandwidth.

With deep roots in video, mobility and security, PlayerLync’s leadership team has demonstrated success together over the past decade, culminating in the acquisition of a telecom company by a Bill Gates entity. The company is based in Englewood, CO and backed by Anschutz Investment Company and others. For more information, visit