PlayerLync to Speak on Collaborative Workforce Advancements at Innovation XChange

PlayerLync Selected as an Innovative Platform that Improves Enterprise Collaboration and Communication

Cincinnati, OH – September 18, 2014  PlayerLync announced that CEO Bob Paulsen will speak today alongside top technology startup entrepreneurs at the 2014 Innovation XChange, exploring the topic of collaborative workforce technology.

Paulsen will discuss the common frustrations that organizations face communicating and collaborating with a widespread workforce, and the ways enterprise has adapted technology and best practices proven to accelerate the productivity and performance of professional sports teams.

PlayerLync transforms the way teams train, learn, collaborate and communicate,” said Bob Paulsen, CEO of PlayerLync. “Training managers are now capable of helping their teams be more prepared and engaged than they have ever been before.”

In the Collaborative Workforce session of the Startup Enterprise Partnership (STEP) track, Paulsen will demonstrate how professional sports and enterprise teams alike are harnessing new tablet-based technology to rapidly improve team collaboration outcomes while simultaneously increasing efficiencies and reducing network demands.

About PlayerLync 

PlayerLync is the first tablet-based automatic video and document content delivery and control platform that enables timely, contextual collaboration among widespread workforces. PlayerLync allows organizations to push and pull content over any network to live locally on team tablets for native offline access.

The PlayerLync platform was originally developed for professional sports teams to rapidly share and collaborate on complex playbooks and high-quality game video without the need for an ongoing Internet connection. The PlayerLync Enterprise Edition is now available to support teams in training, operations and corporate communications across a variety of industries including restaurant, retail, construction, financial services, media and entertainment, healthcare and­­­­ ­­­anywhere video and other content needs to be shared across widespread workforces for collaboration.

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About Innovation XChange

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