Starz Entertainment Saves Time & Improves Executive Engagement

With Automatic Content Delivery to Tablets & Offline Access

As the company grew and resources became increasingly stretched, Starz realized they needed a solution to help eliminate redundant processes and accelerate the delivery of data and documents to their mobile executive team.

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Instant and Automatic Distribution

Instant and Automatic Distribution

PlayerLync lets you instantly deliver messages and updates from headquarters to thousands of employees on tablets being used for every day for training, sales enablement, visual merchandising, and more. Don’t rely on thousands of employees looking for email notifications, cryptic attachments or links to documents in the cloud.

Collaborate with Other Stakeholders

Don’t constrain your team’s creativity. PlayerLync ensures you entire team can review each other’s comments, adding their own to create the perfect collaboration tool for corporate communications.

Collaborate with Other Stakeholders

PlayerLync is Built for Corporate Communications

Advanced Compression

PlayerLync’s advanced compression technology reduces video to only 3% of its original size. This means you can store the equivalent of 32 football games on single 16GB tablet.

Sleep-Mode Synchronization

Sleep-Mode Synchronization

PlayerLync syncs content even while the tablet is asleep, making it instantly available to your team the moment you turn it on. You decide the frequency that’s best for you.

Offline Access

Offline Access

PlayerLync eliminates the reliance and risk of streaming content from the cloud and offers offline access to content regardless of location or access to a network connection.

Unique Collaboration Tools

Help teams work together by linking documents to videos, sharing annotated documents and videos and securely messaging other members of the team.

Team Sourced Player Insights

Crowd Sourced Player Insights

We know the best content often comes from the field. That’s why PlayerLync allows users to record and share best practices, questions or comments to capture the best thinking from your entire team.

Enterprise-Class Security

Enterprise-Class Security

PlayerLync is centrally managed and encrypted with the same 256-bit encryption used by banks. Combined with remote kill features, your content on tablets is probably safer than on your desk.

What our Customers Have to Say

It really boils down to efficiencies and manpower. The things that used to take us 20, 30, 40 hours now maybe take us 2 or 3 or 4 minutes. We can deploy those savings to other issues, whether they be other research projects or just other utilization of our manpower.

Neil Massey
Executive Director, Starz Entertainment

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