New Guide: Modernize Your Business Operations: Move Beyond the LMS

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With better educated and trained employees comes fewer errors, more job satisfaction, lower turnover rates, and ultimately a better customer experience. Modernize your training and business operations and think beyond the traditional LMS.


Mobile App for End Users

With the PlayerLync app, your employees enjoy an easy, seamless way to view videos and documents offline. There is never any action required by the device user, and they’ll access content within two taps of a touch screen. The app also provides a number of teamwork tools that closely integrates video and documents to drive amazing mobile collaboration.

Mobile Content Control for Managers

Unlike traditional file sync and share tools, PlayerLync delivers video and documents directly to your mobile devices. We also let you remove that content to ensure that there are never any version control issues. You simply drag and drop content into appropriate folders on your server, and the content magically appears on your users devices; and when you remove it from the folder, it disappears from the device.

Administration, Reporting, and Security

With administrative and reporting tools, PlayerLync makes it easy to control employee access to content and then validate employee compliance and engagement with content. You can also utilize the PlayerLync API to integrate with your existing systems. And PlayerLync provides enterprise class security with features such as end-user login, automatic content wiping, 256-bit encryption, and many others.

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