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The digital workplace for your deskless workforce

Enable and empower your frontline teams with training, communications, and productivity tools—in one intuitive app.


Trailblazing brands trust PlayerLync

Built for the deskless worker

If your teams don’t work at a desk or even in an office, PlayerLync was designed for your unique challenges.

We combine employee training, operations, and communications tools in one easy-to-use mobile app. High-quality and personalized content is available whenever your team needs it, even offline.


Mobile Learning

Mobile learning and training resources—accessible on the frontline.

  • New hire onboarding
  • On-the-job training tools
  • Compliance and certification
  • Employee development programs
  • Reporting at individual, group, or location levels

Mobile Operations

Support your frontline’s daily tasks with digital operations tools, plus gain visibility into their execution and compliance.

  • One-click publishing and updating
  • Quick access to job aides and standard operating procedures
  • Offline capable digital forms for data collection
  • In-app image and video capture
  • Embedded annotation tools

Mobile Communications

Enable your teams with the tools to share important and personalized both to—and from—your frontline.

  • Audio, video, email, and SMS messaging
  • Integrated content linking
  • Private, secure, and encrypted
  • Digital coaching enablement
  • Photo and video capture with annotation features

Why PlayerLync

The right resources—to the right people. Anytime. Anywhere.

All of the time.

PlayerLync automatically refreshes content to and from approved mobile devices—even if the device is sleeping—so employees never have to manually check for updates or wait for content to load.

Shared devices.
Personalized experiences.

Deskless workplaces, like retail stores, restaurants, and utilities often call for shared devices. PlayerLync understands and delivers for these environments with:

  • personalized employee experience
  • user-level access permissions
  • data integrity and loss prevention

Quality compression.

PlayerLync’s proprietary algorithm automatically and intelligently compresses and localizes video, increasing the speed of data transmission and preserving device storage without sacrificing video quality.

Our average video file size reduction is 97%!

Safe. Secure.
Minimal bandwidth.

PlayerLync assesses activity on the network and adapts itself to comply with IT policies like blackout scheduling, bandwidth throttling, and much more.

Your network will be secure and available for other business-critical systems like point-of-sale (POS), employee management, etc.

Always accessible.
Even offline.

PlayerLync works where your frontline works and we understand reliable internet might not always be available. Teams will have access to fully-functional search and file-sharing whether on a fast network or spotty WiFi.

Whether midway through a training course or an opening checklist, PlayerLync can check the quality of the user’s network, save progress, and resume syncing when there is a better connection.

Award-winning 24/7 support.

Our team of experts will set you up for success from day one. From onboarding to training, to troubleshooting, we’re in your corner.

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Originally built for professional football teams.

PlayerLync was originally built for one of the most expensive workforces—professional football teams. Athletes depend on PlayerLync to watch hours of game film, review up-to-date playbooks, and for game prep!

Today, some of the world’s fastest-growing and most innovative brands, use PlayerLync to enable and empower their frontline employees, just like Peyton Manning used to.

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