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How do I sign into to PlayerLync?

If you’re a user and looking for login help, please visit this article for help.

What type of integrations does PlayerLync have?

PlayerLync is built on a set of flexible, RESTful API web services that enable a wide variety of integrations. Common integrations include single sign-on (SSO), HRIS integrations for employee data, and integrations with customer LMS platforms, allowing PlayerLync to serve as an offline capable mobile portal for employee learning, passing scoring and results back to the existing system of record. Learn more!

Can we use PlayerLync to deploy to my teams personal devices?

PlayerLync can be securely deployed to personal devices via the Apple and Google app stores. However, you remain in control of who access your content, and only authorized users can actually login and use the application.

Does PlayerLync support Ghost Kitchens?

Yes. Several customers are using PlayerLync to support their ghost kitchen concepts and they can even open new kitchens remotely with PlayerLync on shared devices.

How much time does it take to administer PlayerLync per week?

PlayerLync’s easy administrative tool set with simple, drag-and-drop publishing makes basic administrative tasks quick and efficient. Ultimately, the amount of time required to administer the platform depends on your level of activity, but PlayerLync’s administrative feature set keeps complexity to a minimum.

How is PlayerLync used for recipes?

Here is an example of how PlayerLync is used for Recipes.

Can I print from PlayerLync?

Yes, PlayerLync can leverage your device’s standard printing functions when enabled.

Does PlayerLync integrate with POS systems?

PlayerLync’s flexible API structure enables integration with a wide variety of solutions, including POS, HRIS, LMS, SSO applications and more. See our integrations

Can I use my existing content in PlayerLync?

Absolutely! Unlike some platforms, PlayerLync does not require content to be created in a proprietary format. We handle a wide variety of standard formats for e-learning, video, documents and more.

Does PlayerLync function in low-bandwidth environments?

PlayerLync is the market leader in seamless offline playback and interaction. Users can watch video, complete eLearning, fill out forms and reference documentation without a live network connection. Better yet, devices will synchronize with the network automatically whenever they can connect; users don’t have to remember to download content in advance.

How long does it take to launch PlayerLync?

PlayerLync deployments can take place within a very short time frame, depending on your environment and setup needs. As a hosted application with native mobile apps, our impact on your IT infrastructure can be negligible, making implementation a fast and painless process.

What type of files does PlayerLync support?

PlayerLync supports a huge variety of file types, including more than two dozen video formats, images, audio files, HTML5 packages, e-learning, PDFs, common document and spreadsheet formats, and more.

Does PlayerLync offer geo fencing?

Currently PlayerLync has the ability to restrict users access at the device level, only authenticated devices can get access. The majority of PlayerLync customers limit access to the app by enabling it only on in-store devices.

Similarly, if you have employees downloading the PlayerLync app on personal devices, you can require a device authentication step to confirm users’ access via personal device.

This capability also lends itself to a remote wipe of content in the case that the employee has been terminated. However, we do not offer the ability to restrict logins based on geofencing.

Does PlayerLync have storage limitations?

PlayerLync does not have a set storage limitation. However, all mobile devices have a finite storage limit, and no mobile app can use more space than the device has available.

Does PlayerLync have a content library?

PlayerLync is offering new customers who free access to our partner, Modern Training’s library of 35 courses in English and Spanish to support your restaurant or retail establishment.

What type of reporting does PlayerLync have?

PlayerLync provides an extensive set of reporting tools covering learning, scoring and completion data, form submission data, activity and content consumption metrics, log-in metrics, device health data and much, much more.

Are PlayerLync logins encrypted?

Yes, login credentials are always encrypted.

Does PlayerLync offer signature capture capabilities?

Signature capture is supported within PlayerLync’s digital forms tool.

Can multiple employees share a single mobile device?

PlayerLync’s has unique capabilities for shared mobile devices, allowing multiple users to log in to a single device and still receive a secure, personalized experience. Better yet, this ability even works offline, allowing different users to access different content without any requirement for a network download.

What device platforms does PlayerLync support?

PlayerLync operates on Apple IOS, Android and Windows devices, along with a fully browser-based version of the end user experience. Minimum hardware and OS specifications apply.