Mobile Content Software: Support for the Modern Workforce

Create, Save and Publish Content

Communicating with employees and the public is simpler and quicker when using a CMS. With our mobile content software you can access the necessary information to quickly create and update content—even offline. Instantly refresh content with interactive multimedia, videos, forms, and engaging information. Drag and drop publishing and smart scheduling make delivering new content simple. View our sample videos and customer stories to learn more about creating compelling video content. 

Elevate your existing data with videos and interactive content that provides real-life examples and fresh approach to the way your business communicates. PlayerLync software automatically saves, backs up, and downloads that is stored locally so devs don’t need to download or store information themselves. They can simply log in and access everything they need. Enjoy automatic file shrink and sync services—even when offline or when mobile devices are sleeping. Most importantly, rest assured your content is safe and secure even without technical IT support. 

You can also utilize your existing Experience Application Program Interface (xAPI) learning packages. Collect trackable data online and offline to give unique insights to users, making the most out of employee and customer interactions. Crowdsourcing these ideas keeps the best options flowing and brings teams together. Let the collaboration begin!

A few of the content creation options include:

Capture Video or Create Multimedia Content
Sleep-Mode Sync Keeps Current Content, Eliminating the Need for User Downloads
Flexible Scheduling Protects Network Bandwidth by Syncing Off-Hours
Share, Edit & Annotate Documents & Videos
Individual Logins Permits Personal Messaging Using Shared Devices
Use 360° Video & Create Immersive Experiences
Manage Permissions & Publish Using Your Organization Hierarchy
Download Case Study: Chipotle Mexican Grill

Train, Learn, & Collaborate More Efficiently

Long gone are the days when a new employee was taken to a training room and made to watch VHS tapes of operational procedures recorded 20 years ago. Encourage employees to master the necessary skills to perform at their best in the most efficient and up-to-date means. Collaborate with the rest of your team to ensure the best practices are taking center stage and outdated processes are eliminated while tracking progress. 

With a mobile CMS available to all employees, companies introduce an xAPI enabled, mobile LMS with microlearning that employees will love. This means your employees stay up-to-date on the latest and most effective team practices, whether they’ve been with the company for 10 days or 10 years.

Easily provide modern training on mobile devices available anytime and nearly anywhere—especially helpful when maneuvering business practices around tricky schedules or remote staff. The software also tracks the impact and progress employee learning has on business results, creating better outcomes and clarifying opportunities for improvement.

Your organization can now easily communicate using a secure network to send messages, collaborate, and educate best practices. Grant access and permissions best suited the needs of employees, minimizing redundancies and keeping employees from feeling overwhelmed. 

Whether employees are deskless, working remotely or sharing an office, each team member has access to the vital operations and procedures needed to contribute their best. Team members will be confident in their performance with modern training at their fingertips. Retain employees by engaging them in eLearning opportunities and custom videos, which have been proven to be indispensable training tools. (Check out our ebook on 6 Actionable Ideas for Driving Employee Enablement through Mobility for more on this topic.)

A few modern training methods:

Use Video to Enhance Training Documents
Create Repeatable Tasks and Activity Sequences
Test Knowledge & Track Learning Progress
Establish Career Pathing Steps & Completions
Make Your Articulate StoryLine, Adobe Captivate & xAPI Courses Available Offline

Simplify Operations - Life Hacks for Business

Get closer to the heartbeat of your business and stay up-to-date anytime, anywhere. Combine eLearning, digital forms, crowdsourced information, task sequencing and reporting within a single solution that helps your people propel the business. PlayerLync offers a mobile collaboration tool that enables all personnel, no matter their working schedule or location. Users can stay on top of business requirements, complete or schedule tasks, and troubleshoot problems in one simple-to-use location. 

Digitize Operations and Processes

It’s time to go paperless! Collect information, assign tasks, and implement processes simply and quickly. Through a CMS, make documents readily available and secure for your employees and store them for future use. Create forms, quizzes, and videos to elevate your content and add a bit of interest to your content. Even use QR and bar codes to automatically access content using a device’s camera. 

Improving Performance

Updating Standard Operating Procedures is no easy task – especially on a company-wide basis. Keep all SOP’s and best practices current while tracking your employee’s progress using checklists, videos, and reporting. Task sequencing and completion tracking offer insight into workflow progress – feel confident that the right things are getting done. Create how-to videos and attach them to documents and messages that will eliminate and discrepancies, clarify your message, and add a degree of interest to the process. Find out more about this topic by downloading our case study: Red Robin Improves Efficiency of SOP’s & Drives Employee Engagement

Secure, Open Communication

It can be difficult to reach remain connected to remote or front line employees – or even to stay in touch with various shifts or locations within a business. A communication platform that is accessible at any time to all team members is essential. PlayerLync also includes protective controls, ensuring company messages and communications remain within the company. 

Document and Information Storage

As well as messages, sharing documents and content across an organization is a difficult problem to solve. Unplug the copy machine and access all documents, videos, and vital information in one secure document management system. A functional DMS uses a “One Pane of Glass” approach, meaning it integrates information from multiple sources into a single display. This will keep content current allowing contributors to view the latest version of information instead of an outdated, duplicate copy. You can also control access using permissions based on the contributor’s needs. Lastly, sync automatically and enable offline access to save on bandwidth and prevent network clogs.

Galaxy tablet showing PlayerLync checklist

Start operating efficiently & effectively

Build Forms, Audits & Checklists Fast
Digitize Checklists, Operational Audits & Compliance Tracking
Get Daily Performance Insights Across Employees & Your Business
Employees Access Your Content & Intranet Using "One Pane of Glass"
Automate Repetitive Tasks Using Digital Readers
Deploy in the Cloud or On-Premise
[GUIDE] Blend Training & Operations With Mobile Learning

Analyze & Assess Performance

Insight into business performance is possibly the greatest tool a CMS can provide. Procedures and business practices are only as good as the results they deliver, and PlayerLync will provide insight into the results of your work. 

Maintain consistency across multiple locations and employees that will drive improvement and deliver results using digital asset management (DAM). Discover a top-to-bottom visibility into the health of your business with graphical reports that help you evaluate people and processes quickly.

Imac computer showing playerlync dashboard

Analyze & Assess Performance

Top to bottom visibility into the health of your business, with graphical reports that help you evaluate people and processes quickly.
Reporting & Analytics Grouped Any Way You Want
Track Activities, Tasks & Form Data
Usage Metrics to Validate Content Effectiveness
Secure Personnel Data and Performance Scorecard
Data Exports for Enhanced Reporting & Analysis

Choosing The Right CMS For Your Business

Many factors come into consideration when choosing a content services platform. Most businesses will have a general idea of the functions and capabilities they are looking for, but often, they are unaware of the capabilities available beyond their basic needs. Choosing the right one to fit your business needs is important.

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Chipotle Mexican Grill Decreases Training & Operational Costs

As with most restaurants and retail locations, Chipotle has limited store bandwidth, which is needed to support critical systems like POS, security, phones, and more. How could they move to mobile and video training tools with this in mind? Chipotle also saw the value of moving away from paper-based training.