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Learning at the point of need.

From onboarding to compliance training to continuous learning, PlayerLync works where your frontline works.

Learning at the point of need.

From onboarding to compliance training to continuous learning, PlayerLync works where your frontline works.

By wrapping structured learning and credentialing with always available personalized information, secure mobile communications and collaboration tools, and mobile operations delivered through an engaging app, you can see frontline engagement reach more than 90%.
Cloud-based learning management systems (LMS) weren’t designed for your frontline. PlayerLync solves the mobility problems inherent in traditional SCORM-based systems through our industry-leading mobile content management platform.
It’s time to evolve from SCORM to Experience API (xAPI), the e-learning standard set by LETSI, ADL, and the IEEE more than a decade ago.
However, there is no reason to rip out a well-integrated LMS. PlayerLync can easily be configured to serve as the mobile extension of various cloud-based LMSs, so your frontline has guaranteed error-free access to a library of video-rich e-learning content without the need to rip and replace.
Accelerate time to competency, reduce onboarding costs, and validate employee performance. Mobile Learning meets frontline training needs and provides critical reporting at every step of the process.
Confidence comes from competence, and confident employees are more likely to embrace a new role, especially when they can easily see their path to continued development. Mobile training tool that follows employees into the work environment can dramatically boost employee performance and job satisfaction.

Engaging. Intuitive.

PlayerLync’s intuitive, visual mobile app experience is familiar and easy to use.



Whether accessing a training video, PDF, or other digital content, your team will have reliable access whether they are on a super-fast network, dealing with spotty mall Wifi, or completely offline.


Move faster with microlearning

Encourage and foster learning by offering engaging, bite-sized pieces using video and interactive digital content.

Case Study: Blaze Pizza fires up their mobile learning culture

'When we started looking for a training solution for Blaze, the most important thing we were looking for was the ability to deliver video content.'

Read their story!

The power of PlayerLync

PlayerLync connects mobile and frontline workforces with rich media and digital content anywhere, anytime.
Leveraging world-class video compression and content synchronization capabilities, PlayerLync lets you instantly push digital content to any mobile device, with seamless offline playback and a rich mobile interface for users.


Shared device. Personalized content.

Provide secure, personalized content access to multiple users on a single, shared mobile device, online or off.


Tracking. Reporting

Meaningful insights into employee and team engagement with details on how and when digital assets are being used.


Zero-touch sync.

Instant and automatic push and pull of content to-and-from mobile devices, even when the device is asleep.

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Ready to modernize your training?

Leverage the power of e-learning, video, interactive learning experience, and media-rich instructional tools on mobile devices, without concern for impacting wi-fi networks.