Access Information Quickly

For Deskless Workers, Offline Is the New Online

Video and multimedia clogs networks, impacting mission critical point-of-sale systems or customer internet.
Offload content to mobile devices to save bandwidth and preserve our network.

Make Corporate Content & Intranets Available Offline

Documents, videos, LMS, even corporate websites become accessible offline.

Keep Content Current, Reliable & Available

Auto-sync content onto devices without requiring users to download or search for “the right one”.

Open New Locations Faster

Network not up yet? Have everything available offline, including that video on setting up the wifi.

Predictable, Reliable Content in Everyone's Hands

No more guessing. Keep your teams and information in sync automatically, with the reporting to prove it.

PlayerLync Allows Your Team Instant Access to Information

With PlayerLync you can automatically push material down to the front line. Give your employees instant access to the most up-to-date information they need.