Mobile Content Management (MCM): Create & Publish Mobile Content Easily

Bring Existing Content to Life With Video

Breathe new life into existing documents by attaching videos. Users can also add real-life examples for content that leaps out of the page with PlayerLync’s mobile content management (MCM) software.

Mobile Content Management That Doesn't Burden IT

Administration is user friendly which makes rollout simple, with or without IT support.

Optimize a Content Library by Compressing Video Files

File Shrink & Sync happens automatically, eliminating the hassles of user downloads.

Outwit & Overcome Bandwidth Limitations

Simple configurations to work around bandwidth limitations or prevent costly cellular charges.

Knock Knock. Who's There?
Your Content…

Schedule or immediately sync content, even when devices (or people for that matter) are sleeping.

Protect & Secure Your Corporate Content

Use protective content management features to prevent your proprietary information leaving the company.

Old Chicago Can Precisely Control the Content Delivered Depending on Role or Store Location.

Old Chicago was finding it impossible and unreliable to distribute video. Employees could not quickly or realistically view those videos without an Internet connection and were searching through hundreds of files to locate the content specifically meant for their location or job role. PlayerLync’s mobile content management solution transformed their training program resulting in improved consistency of guest experience.