Modern Learning Platform

Implement Operational Learning With A Modern Learning Platform That Takes Training to the Edge

Goodbye back office. People learn faster and retain more when using interactive content in real-world situations.

On-the-Job, Self-Paced
Modern Learning System

PlayerLync's modern learning platform enable workers to master skills faster by learning right where they perform their jobs.

Accelerate Employee
Onboarding & Training

Onboard employees in a shorter time and ramp productivity faster.

Evaluate, Recognize & Reward Employees

Control and track the performance of individuals or teams and elevate your workforce.

Share Best Practices
Across Teams

Collaborative tools increase engagement and allow people to learn from one another.
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3 Steps to Move to an Integrated Learning Solution

The traditional LMS has had a long and (generally) productive life. At this point, though, technology has passed it by in many ways. User expectations and technological capabilities have changed drastically. Moving into the next decade, a learning system that accounts for and embraces these trends will become not just a differentiator but a necessary norm.