Improve Operational Performance

Performance Cultures Deliver Better Results

Scale the business, improve performance and drive cost savings using reports that identify the people and processes that make a difference.

Keep SOPs & Best Practices Current

Proof that everyone is using updated information and Standard Operating Procedures.

Create Daily Multimedia Checklists for In-Store Routines

Digital checklists bring consistency, speed and tracking to the important processes.

Track and Audit Safety & Compliance Requirements

Distribute required training and immediately see who’s compliant and not.

Record Video Recipes & "How To" Guides

PlayerLync lets you create videos that can also attach to documents and messages.

Direct Work Through Task Sequencing & Completion Tracking

Gain control over processes and the flow of work, knowing the right things are getting done.

Link Performance Measurements to Operating Results

Identify and compensate top performers and match performance to business results with data you can trust.

Red Robin Chooses PlayerLync to Improve Efficiency of SOPs & Drive Employee Engagement

Red Robin was seeking a way to utilize their content creation tools and processes, deliver digital standard operating procedures and roll out new menu items to their 25,000 employees. Red Robin was able to grow brand awareness as a tech-savvy organization and improve employee engagement.