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Use Cases / Operational Compliance and Safety Standards


Drive brand consistency and operational compliance through a secure, intuitive, engaging user experience.

Drive brand consistency and operational compliance through a secure, intuitive, engaging user experience.


Easily maintain a single source of truth, with simple guidance to ensure compliance. As the need to protect your business from a nightmare becomes greater, simply posting current policy documents to portals and BOH message boards won’t cut it.

Automatically pushing updated and targeted policies with integrated video ensures that everyone has the right information, while setting clear dates in individual work queues ensures completion of content review and compliance testing.

Moving from stagnant paper-based forms to online quality control checklists is a step in the right direction. Ensure your quality standards reach the frontline by integrating how-to videos and proof of video completions.

Operators can drive engagement and validate completion with tiered compliance reporting. Compliance is a team effort, yet with all the clutter across your team’s work environment, it’s difficult to keep everyone on track. With employee engagement exceeding 90%, our tiered reports provide simple visibility, validation of content review, testing and task completion monitoring at all levels of your organization.


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Applying mobile learning in the workplace can improve employee happiness and retention. When employees are not required to attend long in-house training, they don’t have to travel or adjust their schedules. Whether you work in hospitality, food, and beverage or customer service, all managers can benefit from implementing mobile learning techniques.

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Crocs Helps Employees Feel Comfortable in Their Own Shoes With Mobile Workforce Enablement

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The ROI of consistency and compliance

Protect your brand and align your customer experience through standardized, personalized employee training.

Checking the ‘compliance box’ is one thing—but driving quality through engaging content is what your business really needs. An engaged employee can be up to 66% more productive, and they are more likely to stay, driving further stability, consistency and efficiency within your organization.

Why PlayerLync

PlayerLync is the single source of truth for the mobile workforce

From professional sports teams to restaurant, retail and hospitality companies, the most innovative and forward-thinking brands use PlayerLync’s mobile workforce solutions. From rolling out time sensitive information, compliance testing, operational checklists and how-to videos, PlayerLync provides 100% guaranteed instant access to personalized content for every frontline worker, every time.


Training & Development

Protect your downside while driving positive results. Provide brand consistency, ensure compliance, track credentialing and drive results through an app that your frontline actually wants to use.

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Personalized guidance drives frontline results. Deliver guidance to your frontline in a way that they can execute. They’ll thank you and you’ll have the reporting to prove it.

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PlayerLync is the leading secure and trackable mobile workforce platform. End-to-end content encryption with automatic content synchronization ensures that your proprietary information stays safe and trackable.

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