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The single, trusted resource for frontline workers to access personalized content, training and deskless communication they need to do their jobs.

The single, trusted resource for frontline workers to access personalized content, training and deskless communication they need to do their jobs.

PlayerLync is the single source of truth, customized for every user. It’s hard to keep a team of 50 people updated on the latest changes and initiatives let alone 500,000. Even if you can manage to keep your content current, you’ll have to trust that your frontline can find it. Automatic delivery of current, personalized content and communication is at the core of PlayerLync’s secure platform.
Make it easy on your frontline by providing additional details via written or voice messaging that point them to the specific content and video updates they need to see.
Which content is helpful? What’s too complicated? What’s getting in the way? Comprehensive content and communication reporting guides you to these valuable insights, and much more.

Dive deeper into employee deskless communications in today's ever-changing world.


The State of Internal Communications for Frontline Employees

Learn about the needs of today’s frontline employees and get a checklist for building an effective frontline communication plan.

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Re-launch, Re-engage & Re-invent Your Mobile Workforce

Join us, along with Crocs, as we discuss strategies around keeping your organization relevant and ready with proper onboarding and training.

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Crocs Helps Employees Feel Comfortable in Their Own Shoes With Mobile Workforce Enablement

Delivering consistent, current information – like training videos or operational content – to its widespread, diverse workforce is just one part of how Crocs supports its employees.

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Industry knowledge

Ever play the telephone game?

According to Harvard Consulting Group, 86% of change initiatives fail due to ineffective communication to the frontline causing people and process gaps.

Why PlayerLync

PlayerLync is the single source of truth for the mobile/deskless workforce

We guarantee you experience a smooth transition. From professional sports teams to restaurant, retail and hospitality companies, the most innovative and forward-thinking brands use PlayerLync’s mobile workforce solutions. From rolling out time sensitive information, compliance testing, operational checklists and how-to videos, PlayerLync provides 100% guaranteed instant access to personalized content for every frontline worker, every time.


Training & Development

Are your systems limiting the flow of guidance and information to your frontline?

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Strategy execution can make or break executives. You know the plan, but are you able to effectively communicate it to your frontline? Give them the tools and support they need to understand your strategy.

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Scheduled synchronization of compressed, de-duplicated content and secure messaging ensures PlayerLync fits seamlessly into your current architecture.

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