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Meeting every learner where they are, guaranteed.

Meeting every learner where they are, guaranteed.

“I took that test.” ‘This quiz keeps failing.” “I can’t leave the floor that long to review all this material at once.” Sound familiar? PlayerLync solves the mobility problems inherent in traditional SCORM based systems through our industry-leading mobile content management suite.

Increase your workforce productivity by providing your deskless workers mobile tools they actually want to use. While it’s important that your learning platform provides microlearning, certifications, and gamification, all the features in the world aren’t going to get your employees to want to access your courses if the experience is dated and cumbersome.

By wrapping structured learning and credentialling with always available personalized information, secure mobile communications and collaboration, and mobile operations delivered through an engaging app, you can see frontline engagement reach more than 90%.

Controlled crowdsourcing enables your deskless workers to share their best practices, challenges and ideas for improvement with you to curate and iterate before distributing to your team at large.

With increased end-user engagement, you can see and understand what’s working and what isn’t. Correlate content utilization and training completed with business results to drive true business impact.


Dive deeper into employee training and development for your mobile workers.


Why a Mobile-First Training Program Wins Every Time

An exceptional training program can boost employee retention rates, accelerate the learning curve for new hires, and increase the overall effectiveness of a company’s workforce.

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10 Reasons to Leverage a Modern Learning System

Here are ten reasons it might be time for your company to move on from your traditional LMS, and embrace a new learning system instead.

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The 7 Pillars of Modern Learning

Training needs of your employees have changed dramatically, and it’s time to do something about it. These seven pillars of modern learning encourage both development and advancement in your organization.

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Why PlayerLync

PlayerLync led the modern learning movement for the mobile workforce.

We guarantee you experience a smooth transition. From professional sports teams to restaurant, retail and hospitality companies, the most innovative and forward-thinking brands use PlayerLync’s mobile workforce solutions. From rolling out time sensitive information, compliance testing, operational checklists and how-to videos, PlayerLync provides 100% guaranteed instant access to personalized content for every frontline worker, every time.


Training & Development

Don’t let your technologies limit your potential. PlayerLync empowers corporate to connect with your frontline like never before.

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Accelerate time to competency and drive a consistent customer experience. Guaranteed frontline access to every form, checklist, video, document, course, message and system makes our training and development system an operations dream.

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Overcome the challenges presented by most cloud platforms that require stateful connections. PlayerLync’s mobile solutions provide rich capabilities to engage your end users while getting the most out of your current architecture.

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