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Use Cases / Mobilizing Existing Systems


Delivering existing corporate systems through a mobile LMS to your mobile frontline.

Delivering existing corporate systems through a mobile LMS to your mobile frontline.


Cloud-based learning management systems weren’t designed for your frontline. If you are stuck in SCORM it’s time to evolve to xAPI, the eLearning standard set by LETSI, ADL, and the IEEE more than a decade ago. Why are cloud LMSs stuck on SCORM? Because they weren’t designed for content management.

Don’t worry—there is no reason to rip out a well-integrated LMS. PlayerLync can easily be configured to serve as the mobile extension of various cloud based LMSs, so your frontline has guaranteed error-free access to a library of video rich e-learning content without the need to rip and replace.

A new face on the old place—just what your frontline ordered. If you think it’s easy for your frontline to find the information they’re looking for from the back office, via a browser on a PC or through various security layers across multiple systems.

PlayerLync with integrated intranet can become the single, simple, trusted mobile app that your frontline uses to access information from any existing system or portal—all personalized, secure and trackable.

Reliable, comprehensive reporting provides a view from the front row. When your frontline finally has a mobile tool that’s truly helpful in their everyday efforts, it’s common to see employee engagement scores above 90%. Fortunately, your PlayerLync system is tracking everything your frontline is accessing, even if it’s from other systems. This visibility provides unprecedented comprehension and insight into what’s working and what’s not, presented as pre-constructed business impact reports and via simple API’s that can feed any great business intelligence reporting platform.


Dive deeper into the benefits of going paperless in business.


3 Steps to Move to a Integrated Learning Solution

User expectations and technological capabilities have changed drastically. Moving into the next decade, a learning system that accounts for and embraces these trends will become not just a differentiator but a necessary norm.

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Extending your HCM to Mobile Devices

Most HCM and Learning Management Systems are not built with the frontline in mind. Their mobile offerings often struggle to deliver content in low-connectivity environments and most of their core systems were designed for “desked” employees.

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Why a Mobile-First Training Strategy Wins Every Time

When it comes to delivering training content in an efficient and seamless way, companies face several practical challenges. First up–make sure your system is built for a mobile workforce.

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The ROI of consistency and compliance

xAPI – the decade old standard that addressed SCORM limitations in a mobile, modern world.

xAPI was designed to address the challenges inherent in SCORM, specifically in mobile learning environments. In addition to optimizing e-learning experiences for mobile, including in an offline state, xAPI captures micro-interactions that can be captured in a Learning Record Store (LRS), and easily transferred between systems via standards-based API’s. Your modern learning system should be xAPI based: here’s why

Why PlayerLync

PlayerLync is the top corporate extension to your mobile workforce, training and learning platforms.

We guarantee you experience a smooth transition. From professional sports teams to restaurant, retail and hospitality companies, the most innovative and forward-thinking brands use PlayerLync’s mobile workforce solutions. From rolling out time sensitive information, compliance testing, operational checklists and how-to videos, PlayerLync provides 100% guaranteed instant access to personalized content for every frontline worker, every time.


Training & Development

Don’t let your LMS limit your success. PlayerLync can mobilize your current environment and provide visibility in a new and effective way. Don’t make your frontline search for their homework when you can mobilize and mask access to all corporate systems through a single native mobile app.



Personalized guidance drives frontline results. Deliver guidance to your frontline in a way that they can execute. They’ll thank you and you’ll have the reporting to prove it.



Designed to fit into your secure environment. Simple connectors, clean APIs, and standard SSO integrations allow you to securely extend existing cloud systems to your mobile workforce with minimal effort.

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